Where 2 Oceans meet… but do not mix!   16 comments

One day, as I was watching PeaceTV, I came across this amazing lecture on Modern Science and the Holy Quran.  The lecture was very, very interesting, as Dr. Zakir Naik explained how the Quran states all the natural and scientific phenomena way before they were discovered by human beings.

One of the things, that my mind is fixated upon, is where the 2 oceans meet… forgive me for saying it in such a straight forward and enigmatic way, but I have almost been obsessed by it. 

First of all, here are the Ayaat of the Holy Quran, in Surah Rahman,

Surah 55:19- 28

[19] He has let free the two bodies of flowing water (salt and fresh), meeting together:

[20] Between them is a barrier which they do not transgress:

[21] Then which of the favors of your lord will ye deny?

[22] Out of them come pearls and coral:

[23] Then which of the favors of your lord will ye deny?

[24] Also, his are the ships displayed upon the sea, like banners.

[25] Then which of the favors of your lord will ye deny?

[26] All that live on it will perish.

[27] And there will endure for ever the person of your lord, the lord of glory and honor

[28] Then which of the favors of your lord will ye deny?

Now, what Modern science has discovered is, that where the 2 seas meet,  there is a barrier.  This barrier divides the 2 seas so that they do not mix.   Each sea has its own salinity, density and temperature. (Principles of Oceanography, Davis, pp. 92-93.) 

There is a slanted unseen water barrier between the seas through which water from one sea passes to the other. But when the water from one sea enters the other sea, it loses its distinctive characteristic and becomes homogenized with the other water. In a way this barrier serves as a transitional homogenizing area for the two waters.

This scientific phenonmenon mentioned in the QUR’AN was also confirmed by Dr. William Hay who is a well-known marine scientist and Professor of Geological Sciences at the University of Colorado, U.S.A.

The barrier has a different salinity and density from both the seas.

Modern Science has discovered that in estuaries, where fresh(sweet) and salt water meet, the situation is somewhat different from that found in places where two seas meet. It has been discovered that what distinguishes fresh water from salt water in estuarie is a pycnocline zone with a marked density discontinuity separating the two layers. {Oceanography, Gross, p.242. Also see Introductory Oceanography, Thurman, pp. 300-301 ; Oceanography, Gross, p. 244 and Introductory Oceanography, Thurman, pp.300-301}.

One place on earth where this phenomenon is exhibited is Cape Agulhas, South Africa, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Indian Ocean.  It’s just amazing…


Another place is Gibraltar, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea.  This phenomenon also occurs in several other places, including Egypt, where the river Nile flows into the Medierranean Sea.

It’s amazing how, this was recently discovered by Oceanographers (if that’s what you call them) and was stated in the Quran, 1400 years ago.  And Allah knows best.


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16 responses to “Where 2 Oceans meet… but do not mix!

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  1. Very good one, i heared half of this program yesterday on PeaceTV.
    Inshallah I will visit Gibraltar sooon …

    This is part of UK :), No Visa required.

  2. Subhan’Allah!

  3. Subhan’Allah!

  4. Allah-hu-akbar.
    How can we deny the glory of Allah!

  5. You’re tagged.. 🙂


  7. there are many miracle took place in the world but we are sleeping wake up muslims and get the thing who ALLAH gave us this is very intresting how ocean flow but ALLAH CAN DO ANY THING …

  8. This is a clear message for those who think that Quran was written by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Allah is only the author of Quran.
    May Allah make us stronger more and more in our faith

  9. verrrryy nice lovely SUBUHAN ALLAH………………………..

  10. Assalamualaikum…
    All the things are created by Allah and all the things(makhlukhat) are saying to human that , by seeing me recognize Allah..

    See the creation and recognize the Creator..

    we have to told all the greatness of AllahTala to whole world,so that our emaan(yaqeen in Allahtala sifat’s) will be fresh and it will go high…


  11. Allahu Akbar!

  12. Allahu Akbar! ^_^ i cannot believ tht i did not know about ths!, ths realy blu me a
    way! ^_^

  13. I recorded an interview William W Hay 2 days ago about his alleged statements that the Quran must have come from the divine being

    I also have a video interview with Alfred Kroner.

    In light of what they say I expect you will want to remove references to these gentlemen from any websites you are in control of.


  14. As-salamualaikum. Not so sure, but could be this.

    Merging Oceans - (1,110,000+ Views)

    Jazaakhallahu Khairan.

  15. Masha Allah Subhanallah Alhamdulillah ….

  16. Subhan Allah,, i wish 2 see that place,,,

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